When I say being a gentleman has everything to do with how you behave in society and what you do for people, I mean it. During my second year in Texas, I met a group of people who have for prime objective to change people lives at each corner of the globe. Of course they like to party (a lot) but what amazed me was the effort they would put in helping the non-fortunate and the homeless. In a couple of months after our first encounter, we did two trips, one in Dallas, TX, and the other in Houston, TX, where we found a couple of homeless shelters and distributed sandwiches, water, and clothes we had or gathered. Those were unique experiences, and it made me appreciate life a little more. It made me understand I how lucky I was to be able to have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in at night, food on my table and most importantly, an education. After doing those amazing things for people a little different than I am,

I know it is something I could do over and over. The experience and satisfaction you get through it are amazing; the smile on people faces give you joy. I am thankful, to be able to have an impact, as small as it can be, in someone’s life and change it, for the better, even if it’s only for a moment. Because each and every moment of a Gentleman’s life counts.

“An extraordinary life is all about daily, continuous improvements in the areas that matter most” -

Robin Sharma

The Secret Gentleman.